Zhang pointed out that this brand survey activities sponsored by Food Association, has been included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, one of the three major campaign theme in the national food safety advocacy group. Activities aimed at establishing an interactive platform for brand food companies and consumers, and promote mutual understanding, enhance social awareness of food brand; help food enterprises to establish and perfect the accumulation consumer database, enhance corporate brand building and management capacity; through information gathering and analysis of large data, the formation of China’s food industry brand study report; explore Internet + brand building, and the path in practice, a comprehensive and objective understanding of the status quo of China’s food industry, brand development, food companies to better serve the supply-side structural reforms brand and capacity-building.

The event is organized by Beijing Shun Tak full supervision of the notary office, food enterprises to take voluntary social and recommended a combination of reporting, the Internet and mobile terminals as the carrier, for grain and edible oil processing products, beverages, dairy products, snack foods, condiments, etc. National and regional well-known food brands expand their products through online and offline, and vigorously promotion. Consumers voted in July to September. 2016 China Food Industry Development Forum site in late October and held in Shanghai to the public.

The event was first held on the basis of constant innovation, integration of resources, has the following characteristics: First, improving the platform capabilities. By the consumers to choose for your favorite brand poll, more focus on user experience; second is to carry the line activities. First, combined with business terminal sales, attract consumers continuing concern; secondly in the national selection of 15 representatives of the city nearly a core community, covering nearly 50 million residents of food brands into the community organizing promotional activities to expand the impact of activities; three the result is a two-part statistical national brands and regional well-known brand; Fourth, data integration and analysis. Great combination of Internet data, the preparation of industry and corporate brand development report.

Some shoppers formalities display in Hong Kong store purchasing luxury goods, in fact, mainland ordinary shops selling fake, or even spread the goods. Surprisingly, these fakes through conventional channels actually difficult to distinguish between true and false.

In the 1990s built in Wuhan million to the white clothing trading center, the reporter found that some shops specialized in selling Pijuxiangbao in selling international luxury brands. Into the fourth floor of a shopping mall called “Greater Paris” shops within shops over 20 square meters of various types of handbags dazzling, brands including “Prada”, “Chanel”, “Burberry” “LV” and so on.

Shop owner “Zhang sister” presentation, she sells handbags include almost famous big line, the price from 200 yuan to 5,000 yuan range, are genuine handbags high imitation goods with Hong Kong version of one to one. Wherein “LV” and “Chanel” high-end A shipment of two, not only have the original packaging, but also provide the “Hong Kong shopping list” and “bank card credit card credentials.”

In her words, “two or three thousand dollars of goods, can certainly feel back out two or three million.”

A “Chanel” black sheepskin female package, “Zhang sister” provided two “Prince’s Building in Hong Kong Chanel counters” shopping list, as well as a credit card voucher, indicating the female package “price” for the 39,800 yuan . However, the shop for only 6340 yuan, also hit triple to 1900 yuan will be able to buy.