June 10 to July 10, a month’s Euro 2016 in France has begun. As the most influential, the most competitive, highest commercial value of intercontinental football competition, fans around the world gathered fanatical vision.

Insiders expect the current European Cup is expected to average 147 million viewers per game live people, the cumulative audience of 6.6 billion people, China alone will have more than 1.2 billion people watching. The European Cup will ignite enthusiasm for investing in sports bumper, soccer tournament to benefit the subject will usher layout opportunities.

Studies have shown that in the past few major sports events held in the summer, like the European Cup, World Cup this feast for beer sales boost there are some positive effect.

In this regard, Guo Li, director of investment adviser to accept the “Securities Daily” reporters, said that many sports in summer, cool beer can would be cool to quench their thirst, consumers over time to develop the habit of drinking beer watching the game, which also makes during sporting events greatly increased beer sales, major events gradually become the beer vendor battleground. Beer companies love the European Cup and other sporting competitions during this period is due to carry out marketing can make sales improved significantly.

In fact, over the past few years, the beer companies are doing staking movement, seating in the enterprise ranking yet stabilized, beer companies through participation in major sporting events to enhance brand awareness at the same time, sales of the company’s products also played a active role. To this end, the European Cup became the beer business battleground.

Luxury for Chinese people is not a new word, and not only for the luxury we enjoyed it brings good quality, but also pay more attention to their spiritual feelings. So what luxury brand bags?

Chanel (CHANEL) has 80 years of experience as a fashion brand bags, women’s products are always reveals the elegant, simple, elegant style. Hermes exquisite workmanship, high quality, its products, leather goods, bags, scarves, men and women clothing line, perfume, watches, etc. are handmade, elegant yet stylish. Uppercase letter combinations LV pattern LV leather has been a symbol which has long lasting. All along, LV bags are one of the favorite handbags star, anything big occasion will see LV bag figure.

Today, Coach leather factory is still the responsibility of the exquisite art of leather master. COACH leather simple and elegant design, usually only the appearance of changes in the skin surface does not do frills. Chloe (Chloe) brand flexible style, experienced a baptism of different styles of designers, the brand has not established an exclusive style, showing its always changing and breakthrough innovation.