The world’s largest bulk shipping fleet COSCO Bulk Carrier Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COSCO Bulk shipping) 16 officially established in Guangzhou, China opened a new voyage bulk shipping industry.

COSCO Bulk Carrier by the sea., Under the COSCO Group, COSCO Bulk Shipping (Group) Co., Ltd. and China Shipping Group is part of the original in the sea Bulk Transport Company Limited from the implementation of the reorganization and integration. The establishment of the new company is to play our ocean Bulk size advantage and integrated effect, promote the internal needs of enterprises of sustainable development, but also an inevitable choice to deal with the fierce market competition.

The newly formed shipping COSCO Bulk Carrier owns and controls dry bulk vessels reached 382, 34.58 million dwt; transport of goods covering iron ore, coal, grain and other bulk cargo all categories, more than 340 million tons of cargo, capacity scale ranked first in the world; operating routes covering more than 1,000 ports in more than 100 countries and regions.

“Thank sanitation workers Hefei Railway Station Square area, or else losses can be big!” Recalled the experience of a few days ago, Mr. Wu in fear at the same time, he lost again and again thanks to designer handbags complete bi Zhao sanitation workers. Star Market, Anhui Financial Network reporter learned that, like Mr. Wu careless, in the railway station square can see plenty of money.

October 18 at noon, sanitation workers Hefei Railway Station area Songhuai Ying as usual sweeping the square, suddenly found a PRADA bag in a corner, there are a few million in cash, two Apple phone, bank cards and other important items.

“Who put such an expensive bag is lost, the owner must be very anxious.” Can Songhuai Ying in place such a long time, did not wait until the owner. Until October 20, the owner Mr. Wu came Yaohai City Authority railway station area management office to learn from Lei Feng workstation finding lost PRADA bag, package goods confirmed by Songhuai Ying bag is Mr. Wu himself, immediately all of your money back.

Originally, the couple quarreled day Wu railway station square, angrily dropped the bag at the railway station square walk away. Already do not expect it, Mr. Wu, did not think I could get back bag, and there’s something not a penny less, to immediately reward Songhuai Ying, was Songhuai Ying refused. “Although the money is not a small number, but I do not belong to labor income, I can not have.” Songhuai Ying said.

This year, inspectors Yaohai brigade volunteers picked up a total of 15 card or bank card, cash, books totaling $ 60,000, as well as passports, cell phones, luggage, tickets, real estate license and other dozens of times. At present, Lei Feng booth with passengers lost more than 40 identity cards, bank cards, more than 20, as well as driver’s license, student card and other documents, hope that the majority of visitors timely claim.