On June 15, Bank of Fullerton village banks chairman Wang Xiaoming guest Xinhua, rural banks in promoting the role and practice of inclusive financial aspects of inclusive financial explore topics such as Chinese-style with global users to share and exchange it. He believes that the future, inclusive finance financial innovation will be the core outlet.

“The new inclusive financial body constantly appear, in fact, this is an innovation in itself, in addition to monetary policy and regulatory policy as binding inclusive finance for development, as recently introduced a series of policies are actually innovative performance I cite a few examples, such as deposit insurance system, which is a major institution of monetary policy innovation, innovation is of course China, foreign countries is implemented for many years. a lot of people say that the deposit insurance system for who is the most favorable? in fact for us small banks are the most favorable, because after having deposit insurance system, it means that depositors 500,000 among credit to our credit and large state-owned banks are the same, so would facilitate the absorption of small and medium financial liabilities subject, I talked about the high cost, this is a cost problem, and then do with this credit guarantee for reducing debt costs, improve debt source is helpful. “Wang Xiaoming scene said in an interview.

He said that the recent investment and loans linkage is a hot spot, which is for a number of high-tech small and micro businesses, you have to say a big high-tech innovator is never lack of funds, but in fact personal technology innovation is always a large number , it is more needed. The loan-linked investment bank itself how reasonably match the benefits and risks, providing services in science and technology enterprises which have a good system design.

Also will be more abundant on the ways and means of means, Wang Xiaoming, for example, is now available as a small micro-finance business enterprise, like Ali Financial Group, in the past it is a business enterprise, but it is now rooted in the financial companies which more, because it is done when the concept of the internet platform, the best is to have Ali Alipay, there are electronic business platform, there are a lot of big data, it can be based on these data that many customers in the electricity business inside, in the electricity supplier which customers are some of the individual businesses, relatively speaking, is in the past the lack of financial support, and it is because of the scientific and technological means of support, we have the confidence and confidence increase means and methods of the service.

“Because often go abroad, we will buy some designer bags.” Kunming Wang said, he is a standard hand chop party, often buy a lot of fast replacement of goods, especially designer bags. Because too much to buy, so that over time she will be out to sell some.

She said that there are some specialized collection of Kunming second-hand designer business, in addition to selling themselves through a network, such as second-hand websites and some well-known forums. “In comparison, mobile phones, computers and designer bags are the best selling.”

Wang recalled that from last year, she sold a total of LV, Gucci brand two six pack, sell the old and buy new, so there are some subsidies, but also cleared the closet.

Mr. Chen in Taipei District opened a luxury care shop. He said the store only to help care, and some second-hand sale brand bags. “The main office is near the young white-collar workers to buy. Compared to the new package, the price of second-hand package is much cheaper, is not likely to have a fake.”

As for second-hand branded bags will cost more than a new package, Mr. Chen said he is temporarily not encountered. “Unless some limited edition big package, but are usually limited edition bag, the owner also less likely Nachulaimai.”

What luxury bags whether the preservation and appreciation of nature? Chen said that some limited edition big package does have upside potential, but very rare, and some even give the value of a number of celebrities, we can say 95% of the luxury bags still are consumables.