After entering the Chinese market for 26 years, we have experienced a significant decline in the performance of Avon tried to rebirth, but the rebirth of the first step is not overweight aging product line, but the choice of channel marketing first. Recently, Avon distributor meeting was held in 2016 in Shanghai Film Museum, with the presence of more than 300 franchised dealers to share the shop to upgrade the image and experiential marketing as the main program of reform.

According to the plan, this year, Avon will be 50 stores nationwide preferred site upgrades to improve store image and brand. The new image of Avon franchise stores will be main “greenhouse romantic” design concept, the shop will be divided into different areas of personal care, daily skin care, makeup, etc., designed for customers to experience the product established exclusive experience zone will debut in the Avon store. In addition, the preferred embodiment of Avon will 20 stores nationwide seat of the central region flagship program to build local Avon brand benchmark.

The upgrade program for franchise stores selection criteria, Avon responsible person in an interview with Beijing Daily reporter interview that Avon will be selected on the market currently operating in good condition, store location of the store for a suitable site to upgrade. Upgrade plan stores and flagship stores will be second and third tier capital city as a target area.

It is worth mentioning that, with an escalation of franchise stores, Avon target consumer groups have also changed. “For any brand, the grasp of young consumers is vital. Create this group favorite store atmosphere, and the subsequent transformation of research and development of products, Avon is the next step in the direction of China’s development.”

2016 world famous brand bag rankings freshly it! If you also want to start with a relatively high-end luxury brand-name bags, then this introduction before the world famous fashion bags ten Raiders articles, you have to take a good look!

In 1854, Mr. Louis Vuitton revolutionary designed the first Louis Vuitton flat top leather case, and in Paris, opened the first LV store, creating the first generation of LV pattern, since then, uppercase letter combinations LV the pattern has been the symbol of symbols LV leather goods, has long lasting. But like today, LV design will soon be copied, after flat-topped rectangular suitcase will become a trend. From the early LV suitcase to now annual Paris T stage constantly changing LV fashion show, LV (Louis Vuitton) has been standing in the international top position in the fashion industry, the real reason is that LV has its own special brand “DNA” .

Fendi (Fendi) is a famous Italian luxury brand, as the first family of leather, Fendi (Fendi) than the most famous It Bag “Fendi baguette” handbags Fendi baguettes stick (manufactured by Fendi (Fendi) family Silvia Venturini Fendi design), 1965, as Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) was added, Fendi (Fendi) gradually increased haute couture, menswear, footwear, perfume.