Zhang pointed out that this brand survey activities sponsored by Food Association, has been included in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, one of the three major campaign theme in the national food safety advocacy group. Activities aimed at establishing an interactive platform for brand food companies and consumers, and promote mutual understanding, enhance social awareness of food brand; help food enterprises to establish and perfect the accumulation consumer database, enhance corporate brand building and management capacity; through information gathering and analysis of large data, the formation of China’s food industry brand study report; explore Internet + brand building, and the path in practice, a comprehensive and objective understanding of the status quo of China’s food industry, brand development, food companies to better serve the supply-side structural reforms brand and capacity-building.

The event is organized by Beijing Shun Tak full supervision of the notary office, food enterprises to take voluntary social and recommended a combination of reporting, the Internet and mobile terminals as the carrier, for grain and edible oil processing products, beverages, dairy products, snack foods, condiments, etc. National and regional well-known food brands expand their products through online and offline, and vigorously promotion. Consumers voted in July to September. 2016 China Food Industry Development Forum site in late October and held in Shanghai to the public.

The event was first held on the basis of constant innovation, integration of resources, has the following characteristics: First, improving the platform capabilities. By the consumers to choose for your favorite brand poll, more focus on user experience; second is to carry the line activities. First, combined with business terminal sales, attract consumers continuing concern; secondly in the national selection of 15 representatives of the city nearly a core community, covering nearly 50 million residents of food brands into the community organizing promotional activities to expand the impact of activities; three the result is a two-part statistical national brands and regional well-known brand; Fourth, data integration and analysis. Great combination of Internet data, the preparation of industry and corporate brand development report.

In March, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s two international rating agencies to maintain China’s sovereign credit rating unchanged, but will adjust the credit rating outlook from “stable” to “negative”, caused concern at home and abroad. Long-term sovereign credit rating to deal with the debt situation and growth prospects of an economy objective evaluation and judgment, but the two companies to adjust our sovereign credit rating outlook was not objective and fair. Moody’s here with an example for analysis.

Moody’s made the adjustment to our credit rating outlook The first reason is the government debt lead to weaker financial situation. From the international comparison, it is entirely untenable. 2015 China government debt accounted for about 40% of GDP, far below the United States about 75%, Japan and the euro area more than 200% to 90% level. The survey shows that, according to whether or narrow caliber wide caliber calculated, the net assets of the sovereign are positive, which indicates that our government has enough assets to cover sovereign sovereign debt. In addition, Moody’s simply that rising debt levels of government, did not see this with the ongoing supply-side structural reforms closely. Moderate expansion of the scale of the deficit, aimed at reducing the burden on enterprises, stimulate the vitality of enterprises, while ensuring the education, science and technology, social security, employment, poverty alleviation and other public services and people’s livelihood expenses. Our deficit ratio and government debt rates in a safe and reasonable range, full strength and conditions intensify efforts to implement the proactive fiscal policy.

Moody’s made the adjustment to our credit rating outlook The second reason is the decline in foreign exchange reserves have a negative impact. From the trends and reasons for changes in foreign exchange reserves of view, that judgment is clearly one-sided. From the trend, China’s foreign exchange reserves from June 2014 began to decline, but with the RMB against the US dollar to rise gradually stabilized, foreign exchange reserves decline narrowed, in March 2016 the balance of foreign exchange reserves increased $ 10.258 billion the previous month. The reasons for the changes, the decline in foreign exchange reserves and the devaluation triggered capital outflows have a certain relationship, but more important reason is that Chinese enterprises reasonable asset reallocation and foreign exchange reserves to support enterprises to go in the other aspects of the use of funds. Since 2014, China’s enterprises to actively carry out foreign investment and mergers and acquisitions. 2015 China Enterprises Overseas M & A projects reached 593, the total transaction amount $ 40.1 billion. In the first quarter of this year, the actual amount of the transaction of enterprises’ overseas M & A $ 16.56 billion. These data suggest that the decline in foreign exchange reserves not represent a large-scale withdrawal of international capital, but Chinese companies are making strides towards the international market, China is to build a high level of open economy performance.

June 10 to July 10, a month’s Euro 2016 in France has begun. As the most influential, the most competitive, highest commercial value of intercontinental football competition, fans around the world gathered fanatical vision.

Insiders expect the current European Cup is expected to average 147 million viewers per game live people, the cumulative audience of 6.6 billion people, China alone will have more than 1.2 billion people watching. The European Cup will ignite enthusiasm for investing in sports bumper, soccer tournament to benefit the subject will usher layout opportunities.

Studies have shown that in the past few major sports events held in the summer, like the European Cup, World Cup this feast for beer sales boost there are some positive effect.

In this regard, Guo Li, director of investment adviser to accept the “Securities Daily” reporters, said that many sports in summer, cool beer can would be cool to quench their thirst, consumers over time to develop the habit of drinking beer watching the game, which also makes during sporting events greatly increased beer sales, major events gradually become the beer vendor battleground. Beer companies love the European Cup and other sporting competitions during this period is due to carry out marketing can make sales improved significantly.

In fact, over the past few years, the beer companies are doing staking movement, seating in the enterprise ranking yet stabilized, beer companies through participation in major sporting events to enhance brand awareness at the same time, sales of the company’s products also played a active role. To this end, the European Cup became the beer business battleground.

The world’s largest bulk shipping fleet COSCO Bulk Carrier Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as COSCO Bulk shipping) 16 officially established in Guangzhou, China opened a new voyage bulk shipping industry.

COSCO Bulk Carrier by the sea., Under the COSCO Group, COSCO Bulk Shipping (Group) Co., Ltd. and China Shipping Group is part of the original in the sea Bulk Transport Company Limited from the implementation of the reorganization and integration. The establishment of the new company is to play our ocean Bulk size advantage and integrated effect, promote the internal needs of enterprises of sustainable development, but also an inevitable choice to deal with the fierce market competition.

The newly formed shipping COSCO Bulk Carrier owns and controls dry bulk vessels reached 382, 34.58 million dwt; transport of goods covering iron ore, coal, grain and other bulk cargo all categories, more than 340 million tons of cargo, capacity scale ranked first in the world; operating routes covering more than 1,000 ports in more than 100 countries and regions.

Data show that since May 25, LME three-month zinc futures have been rising above $ 2,000 / ton mark. In London, driven by strong zinc Shanghai zinc from late May Crack 15,000 yuan and 16,000 yuan per ton mark, as of yesterday’s close, the main Shanghai zinc 1608 contract pullback 0.29% to 15,595 yuan / ton. The factors that caused this wave is zinc deposit supply gap message touted market to bull.

A direct result of zinc supply gap is declining dramatically overseas mines. A zinc industry sources, due to the depletion of resources and other reasons, the second half of last year, overseas dense old mine closed down. The fourth quarter of last year, Australia century mine shut down permanently shut capacity of about 450,000 tons, Iceland Lisheen mine is also around 10 million tons production capacity permanently withdrawn. Last November, Glencore announced production cuts 500,000 tons. Shanghai Nonferrous network statistics, overseas production shut down mines affect this year’s production capacity is about 1 million tons, while last year, zinc production is about 13 million tons.

For the domestic mining market have the same concerns. International Lead and Zinc Study Group data released Wednesday show that China’s zinc production in April (Zn) increased 5% to 456,000 tons. At the same time, in April the global zinc market supply gap narrowed to 2,500 tons in March as a shortage of 20,400 tons. Overseas concerns, China resume production or supply gap will narrow the zinc market. But this, the Shanghai Metals Zinc Industry analyst Wang Shuai analysis pointed out: “Although the price of zinc has reached a lot of mine production complex psychological position, but this year the environmental and safety requirements are very strict, limited domestic production of complex, difficult to make the market supply gap. “industry insiders estimate that this year will continue to zinc shortage.

On June 15, Bank of Fullerton village banks chairman Wang Xiaoming guest Xinhua, rural banks in promoting the role and practice of inclusive financial aspects of inclusive financial explore topics such as Chinese-style with global users to share and exchange it. He believes that the future, inclusive finance financial innovation will be the core outlet.

“The new inclusive financial body constantly appear, in fact, this is an innovation in itself, in addition to monetary policy and regulatory policy as binding inclusive finance for development, as recently introduced a series of policies are actually innovative performance I cite a few examples, such as deposit insurance system, which is a major institution of monetary policy innovation, innovation is of course China, foreign countries is implemented for many years. a lot of people say that the deposit insurance system for who is the most favorable? in fact for us small banks are the most favorable, because after having deposit insurance system, it means that depositors 500,000 among credit to our credit and large state-owned banks are the same, so would facilitate the absorption of small and medium financial liabilities subject, I talked about the high cost, this is a cost problem, and then do with this credit guarantee for reducing debt costs, improve debt source is helpful. “Wang Xiaoming scene said in an interview.

He said that the recent investment and loans linkage is a hot spot, which is for a number of high-tech small and micro businesses, you have to say a big high-tech innovator is never lack of funds, but in fact personal technology innovation is always a large number , it is more needed. The loan-linked investment bank itself how reasonably match the benefits and risks, providing services in science and technology enterprises which have a good system design.

Also will be more abundant on the ways and means of means, Wang Xiaoming, for example, is now available as a small micro-finance business enterprise, like Ali Financial Group, in the past it is a business enterprise, but it is now rooted in the financial companies which more, because it is done when the concept of the internet platform, the best is to have Ali Alipay, there are electronic business platform, there are a lot of big data, it can be based on these data that many customers in the electricity business inside, in the electricity supplier which customers are some of the individual businesses, relatively speaking, is in the past the lack of financial support, and it is because of the scientific and technological means of support, we have the confidence and confidence increase means and methods of the service.

Television, the rapid development of animation industry, hatched “of bears” and other local film, animation IP. As a theme park by the film and television, animation industry along with IP derived activated.

Alpha on an interactive platform for investor relations, said the theme park is the future direction of the company’s active interest in creating “IP core of pan-entertainment ecosystem” at the same time, actively explore innovative IP mode. Alpha is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of toys, a subsidiary involved in the animation film production, distribution and animation book industry, to facilitate the companies involved in the theme park industry.

Huaqiang Infante subordinate theme park Fantawild frequently appear in more variety reality show. Companies to China Securities Journal reporter who said, “of bears” for the company’s own IP, belonging Huaqiang Group Infante Infante animation products around the “bear-infested” related derivatives sales good. “Bear haunt” IP has been animated to the big screen. Yi Yan data show, animated movie “Return of bears Bear Heart” by the music as Pictures release, obtained 288 million total box office.

Huayi Brothers stakeholders told reporters that Huayi Brothers brand licensing and real entertainment sector has completed 16 projects signed. Mission Hills ยท Huayi Feng Xiaogang’s films have opened commune park, including brand licensing fee income pre-project to determine when, during the operation of the project brand licensing fees, management fees and equity investment income.

In addition, the performing arts Songcheng, Dalian Sun Asia and other companies are also layout theme park business. Among them, the performing arts Songcheng gradually from the theme park resort operators throughout the whole transformation of culture and entertainment industry chain platform companies; Dalian Sun Asia, said the company Zhenjiang Magico Mundo projects have been completed foundation. The company also owns Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World and two Harbin Sun Asia Polar Ocean Park theme park.

After entering the Chinese market for 26 years, we have experienced a significant decline in the performance of Avon tried to rebirth, but the rebirth of the first step is not overweight aging product line, but the choice of channel marketing first. Recently, Avon distributor meeting was held in 2016 in Shanghai Film Museum, with the presence of more than 300 franchised dealers to share the shop to upgrade the image and experiential marketing as the main program of reform.

According to the plan, this year, Avon will be 50 stores nationwide preferred site upgrades to improve store image and brand. The new image of Avon franchise stores will be main “greenhouse romantic” design concept, the shop will be divided into different areas of personal care, daily skin care, makeup, etc., designed for customers to experience the product established exclusive experience zone will debut in the Avon store. In addition, the preferred embodiment of Avon will 20 stores nationwide seat of the central region flagship program to build local Avon brand benchmark.

The upgrade program for franchise stores selection criteria, Avon responsible person in an interview with Beijing Daily reporter interview that Avon will be selected on the market currently operating in good condition, store location of the store for a suitable site to upgrade. Upgrade plan stores and flagship stores will be second and third tier capital city as a target area.

It is worth mentioning that, with an escalation of franchise stores, Avon target consumer groups have also changed. “For any brand, the grasp of young consumers is vital. Create this group favorite store atmosphere, and the subsequent transformation of research and development of products, Avon is the next step in the direction of China’s development.”

Some shoppers formalities display in Hong Kong store purchasing luxury goods, in fact, mainland ordinary shops selling fake, or even spread the goods. Surprisingly, these fakes through conventional channels actually difficult to distinguish between true and false.

In the 1990s built in Wuhan million to the white clothing trading center, the reporter found that some shops specialized in selling Pijuxiangbao in selling international luxury brands. Into the fourth floor of a shopping mall called “Greater Paris” shops within shops over 20 square meters of various types of handbags dazzling, brands including “Prada”, “Chanel”, “Burberry” “LV” and so on.

Shop owner “Zhang sister” presentation, she sells handbags include almost famous big line, the price from 200 yuan to 5,000 yuan range, are genuine handbags high imitation goods with Hong Kong version of one to one. Wherein “LV” and “Chanel” high-end A shipment of two, not only have the original packaging, but also provide the “Hong Kong shopping list” and “bank card credit card credentials.”

In her words, “two or three thousand dollars of goods, can certainly feel back out two or three million.”

A “Chanel” black sheepskin female package, “Zhang sister” provided two “Prince’s Building in Hong Kong Chanel counters” shopping list, as well as a credit card voucher, indicating the female package “price” for the 39,800 yuan . However, the shop for only 6340 yuan, also hit triple to 1900 yuan will be able to buy.

Fantasy designer bags for girls is really no resistance. But if finally put aside some money to invest in brand-name bags, careful not to buy fakes, then it is too injustice. For brand-name bags to distinguish between true and false tips, we can be sure not to miss!

Many have Chanel double C logo, will be some of the counterfeit goods with the O word cracking the ring corner, made of C decor, pay careful attention to this part of the observation will find some differences, in addition stitches on the bag should also be very neat symmetry. There Chanel bag and no longer on the line price tag, so if the department bought Chanel bag labeled it may be counterfeit goods. Most commonly used to identify the authenticity of the guarantee card is actually very easy to copy, so there will not necessarily guarantee card is the real thing.

To distinguish between genuine and fake Gucci pocket and began to read the will carefully observe the internal Zhiwu Dai leather trim and zipper is neat and consistent. The Gucci leather lining label can not be ignored, should be printed with “Made in Italy” the words, as well as the number of 4-6 yards. And, like Chanel, Gucci guarantee card is also very easy to fake, but Gucci guarantee card must be single-sided, double-sided printed stuff to get cards is buying replica ones.